Monthly Archives: January 2013


I have heard over and over again “how can I make swimming easier?” I have some reality about swimming…it’s HARD! It hurts your shoulders, legs, abs, lungs….everything! If it were easy, everyone would do it! And if it were easy, you wouldn’t get into the amazing shape that it gets you in! It wouldn’t burn the billion of calories that it does! And if it were easy… you wouldn’t get the satisfaction that you do from your results! I have swam many many miles, put in more hours than I can count, I have cried, bled, even puked (yes, gross and TMI, but that is the life of a swimmer!! I’m just telling it as I have experienced!). Despite this, I wouldn’t be nearly as proud as I am at my accomplishments, if I didn’t go through all that I have. Swimming is hard. I will never deny that. My pride in being a swimmer comes from the hardness of it!


If you are reading this thinking…I just want swimming to be easy, let me ask you this…. is running always easy? or biking? playing basketball? wrestling? whatever sport you play? To be great, one must put in the work! My favorite quote always has been, and always will be “I hated ever minute of training, but I said, ‘don’t quit, suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion'” -Ali. If you goal is to get into shape, then you are working to be a champion. A champion of your life. If you are working to run a marathon, you are looking to be a champion. Champion does not mean 1st place. Champion to me is setting a goal and doing everything you can to achieve it. Even if you miss it, at least YOU know that YOU did all that you can to get there! Swimming makes you tough. It makes you tough to the point where you can go out there and run a marathon, you can resist that huge piece of cake staring you down, get up on the blocks and race the person next to you. Whatever it may be! Be a champion of your life! Don’t take the easy way out. I promise you….taking the easy way will not get you to your goals. Giving it all you have….will!

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