Holidays are HERE!

Holiday season is upon us! We will all begin to pig out on turkey, stuffing and of course….DESSERTS!!! Then comes January 1, when everyone decides it’s time to ditch the unwanted pounds and get back into shape!! So everyone rushes to the gym, and after a few weeks, realizes the long waits for the treadmill and equipment is annoying, and working out takes a back seat. I sure have been there before!!

So I have a proposal! Utilize iSWIM as a way to lose weight and maintain those New Years resolutions!!! Swimming is great exercise. You utilize ALL muscle groups! Get cardiovascular activity. And it’s no impact! So do you have weak joints?! Well, swimming is the perfect form of exercise for you! Have issues with flexibility?! Swimming will help!! Just plain hate to run?? Why not try swimming?!?!

Back to the whole weight loss, New Years resolution deal… If weight loss is your goal…I will help you formulate plans to help you achieve your goals. I am not and will not pretend to be a nutritionist, however, I have done a lot of research… the coaches will help you with the swimming and exercise portion. I will help you formulate meal plans. I also will help you with outside water exercise (dryland workouts)…in fact……..I will DO these workouts with you!!! My final offer to you…to make this more lucrative….I have talked with some people who are specialists in the nutrition field. They have agreed to help make plans for weight loss, muscle gain, or help you just obtain general good health!

So, this is my proposal to you! When you start your goals for 2013…instead of spending money at the gym… come swim with us! I guarantee it’ll help you with your goals AND I promise you that I will help you with all that extra “stuff”!!!!
Have a HAPPY Day!!!


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