What’s YOUR goal

In all of my years of swimming…I have learned that having goals really makes life easier! Having an objective…something to drive you….something to fight for and work towards. One thing my amazing coach at Purdue, Cathy, instilled in us, was setting goals….long term, short term, day goals, practice goals…goals for everything! When I finished swimming at Purdue…I wouldn’t say I stopped setting goals…but I wouldn’t say I was as diligent as I was prior with my goal setting. When I was a Student-Athlete at Purdue…I had goals written down for EVERYTHING. I wrote my goal time and hung it in my bathroom, in my refrigerator, in my notebooks, bedroom, phone, everywhere!! Well when I was done swimming competitively, I didn’t really know what to right down and fight for. I mean…what would I say… “walk to the mailbox and back”?!?! I suppose I still had goals to get A’s in my courses, and work hard, etc. But it just wasn’t the same.

Last Saturday, I had my first swim meet in 5 years! It was awesome. It was so fun to get up on the starting block and let my competitive juices flow! After my favorite race (50 free), I said to myself…ok I can drop 2 seconds, I know I can. I set a GOAL! I thought about what I can do to improve. It felt SO good to set a goal again!! As I reflected on my goal setting…I thought to myself.. I really need to get back to setting daily goals. They don’t HAVE to be swimming related (though they probably will be!)…but I realized how fulfilling it is to have a goal, to work towards it, and to ultimately achieve it!!

I encourage you to set goals! Long term, short term, and everything in-between. You may be thinking….I am not a competitive swimmer, Rachel, what goals can I set… Well allow me to give you some suggestions…a starting point to formulate your own goals!

Short term:

Smile at a stranger, park the car a little further from the door at a store and walk, do 10 squats at your desk every hour for the entire work day, don’t get upset, hold the door for someone, eat 5 pieces of fruit…….you get the idea…. make an obtainable goal…maybe something that’ll help your health, maybe something that’ll help your happiness…just MAKE a goal!!!

Long term:

Run a 5k, swim an hour straight NONSTOP!, do a full 25 underwater, lose 10 pounds, do 50 pushups nonstop…..get the idea here?? Set something that you can’t do right now, that you can work towards. 

I really do encourage you to set some goals! I promise you, you will feel more fulfilled!!

~Rachel Sitarz

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