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Holidays are HERE!

Holiday season is upon us! We will all begin to pig out on turkey, stuffing and of course….DESSERTS!!! Then comes January 1, when everyone decides it’s time to ditch the unwanted pounds and get back into shape!! So everyone rushes to the gym, and after a few weeks, realizes the long waits for the treadmill and equipment is annoying, and working out takes a back seat. I sure have been there before!!

So I have a proposal! Utilize iSWIM as a way to lose weight and maintain those New Years resolutions!!! Swimming is great exercise. You utilize ALL muscle groups! Get cardiovascular activity. And it’s no impact! So do you have weak joints?! Well, swimming is the perfect form of exercise for you! Have issues with flexibility?! Swimming will help!! Just plain hate to run?? Why not try swimming?!?!

Back to the whole weight loss, New Years resolution deal… If weight loss is your goal…I will help you formulate plans to help you achieve your goals. I am not and will not pretend to be a nutritionist, however, I have done a lot of research… the coaches will help you with the swimming and exercise portion. I will help you formulate meal plans. I also will help you with outside water exercise (dryland workouts)…in fact……..I will DO these workouts with you!!! My final offer to you…to make this more lucrative….I have talked with some people who are specialists in the nutrition field. They have agreed to help make plans for weight loss, muscle gain, or help you just obtain general good health!

So, this is my proposal to you! When you start your goals for 2013…instead of spending money at the gym… come swim with us! I guarantee it’ll help you with your goals AND I promise you that I will help you with all that extra “stuff”!!!!
Have a HAPPY Day!!!

What’s YOUR goal

In all of my years of swimming…I have learned that having goals really makes life easier! Having an objective…something to drive you….something to fight for and work towards. One thing my amazing coach at Purdue, Cathy, instilled in us, was setting goals….long term, short term, day goals, practice goals…goals for everything! When I finished swimming at Purdue…I wouldn’t say I stopped setting goals…but I wouldn’t say I was as diligent as I was prior with my goal setting. When I was a Student-Athlete at Purdue…I had goals written down for EVERYTHING. I wrote my goal time and hung it in my bathroom, in my refrigerator, in my notebooks, bedroom, phone, everywhere!! Well when I was done swimming competitively, I didn’t really know what to right down and fight for. I mean…what would I say… “walk to the mailbox and back”?!?! I suppose I still had goals to get A’s in my courses, and work hard, etc. But it just wasn’t the same.

Last Saturday, I had my first swim meet in 5 years! It was awesome. It was so fun to get up on the starting block and let my competitive juices flow! After my favorite race (50 free), I said to myself…ok I can drop 2 seconds, I know I can. I set a GOAL! I thought about what I can do to improve. It felt SO good to set a goal again!! As I reflected on my goal setting…I thought to myself.. I really need to get back to setting daily goals. They don’t HAVE to be swimming related (though they probably will be!)…but I realized how fulfilling it is to have a goal, to work towards it, and to ultimately achieve it!!

I encourage you to set goals! Long term, short term, and everything in-between. You may be thinking….I am not a competitive swimmer, Rachel, what goals can I set… Well allow me to give you some suggestions…a starting point to formulate your own goals!

Short term:

Smile at a stranger, park the car a little further from the door at a store and walk, do 10 squats at your desk every hour for the entire work day, don’t get upset, hold the door for someone, eat 5 pieces of fruit…….you get the idea…. make an obtainable goal…maybe something that’ll help your health, maybe something that’ll help your happiness…just MAKE a goal!!!

Long term:

Run a 5k, swim an hour straight NONSTOP!, do a full 25 underwater, lose 10 pounds, do 50 pushups nonstop…..get the idea here?? Set something that you can’t do right now, that you can work towards. 

I really do encourage you to set some goals! I promise you, you will feel more fulfilled!!

~Rachel Sitarz

Why SWIM??

Swimming?! Seems so daunting, huh? Why swim when you can run, or bike, or….just sit on the couch!? After all…THINKING about working out burns the same amount of calories, doesn’t it?!?! We all know that there are many benefits of a healthy lifestyle…but working out is just so hard! Especially in the winter! Gym memberships cost a lot of money and it’s certainly hard to push yourself when you are exercising alone.

Know…you are NOT alone!!! I (Rachel Sitarz) swam competitively for 15 years. Longest break I ever had was probably 3 weeks. Vacations were swim meets. Swimming has been my whole life. After I was done swimming at Purdue (swam all 4 years), I walked away from the sport. I felt my body just couldn’t take any more rigorous workouts, and my hair certainly needed to be de-chlorine-ified! I was tired of jumping into cold pools in the midst of the cold winters and having perma-circles around my eyes from goggle marks! Jump to 5 years later…and I miss the sport with all I have. I really gave the whole gym membership and treadmill workout a go, but it just didn’t suit me. I hated working out alone. I hated not having someone to tell me what to do. And I hated smelling of sweat, instead of chlorine!! This is where iSWIM began!!

A lot of people are scared of the words Masters and Swimming. But I want to let you all know that there is NO reason to be! Swimming is one of the BEST exercises you could do. It works ALL of your muscles, great cardio, burns crazy amounts of calories, and you can do LESS of it (time-wise) than any other form of exercise!!!

Starting iSWIM, I have repeatedly heard people say “but I don’t know how to swim”. Lucky for everyone, we have coaches who are the most amazing coaches, ever! Let me give you the example of Patrick. Patrick had NEVER swam before. His beautiful wife, Susan, talked him into joining iSWIM. Last weekend, Patrick swam in his FIRST swim meet! He dove off blocks, he raced, he maintained his stroke the entire race (a coaches dream!), AND he swam in IUPUI’s incredibly deep and intimidating pool! For those of you who have never seen the pool…. it is an Olympic sized pool, and it super deep! To say the pool is daunting is an understatement!

Another common statement I have gotten, “But I haven’t swam in years, I don’t know if I can do it any longer” OR “I don’t want to be in a bathing suit”. Now…I want to say. Swimming is like riding a bike. Sooo for anyone who hasn’t swam in years and is scared to do it again…jump in! Join a lane…You’d be SURPRISED how quick you will get back into shape!! AND if you are afraid to put on the dreading swim suit… we aren’t having a weigh in, we don’t judge and I’m sure it is 100% ALL in your head! So go get that bathing suit, swim cap, and goggles and jump into the water! I bet you will burn more calories than you are by your other forms of exercise! And trust me, before long, you will be shredding the weight and feeling more confident than ever!

Swimming is phenomenal exercise. It will tone you up, boost your metabolism, give you more energy, and make you all around healthier. So why should you swim? Because it’s AWESOME for your bod AND tons of fun!! And when you go to work, school, the mall, friends houses, wherever… you can wear your chlorine scent proudly, and tell people that you get your perfume for free courtesy of aquatic facilities in Lafayette!!