iSWIM Masters Swimming

iSWIM is an adult aquatic program dedicated to helping swimmers of all ages and
abilities incorporate healthier lifestyles through swimming. We provide an inspiring atmosphere that combines camaraderie, fun, and motivation.

iSWIM Member Login
Interested in Joining?  You can sign up online at the following link : iSWIM

Please follow the link to register with U.S. Masters Swimming*.

*Required for ALL iSWIM members

Company Overview

iSWIM was formed in 2012. We are a registered U.S. Masters Swimming (USMS) Club in the Greater Lafayette, IN area. We offer the latest in technical instruction, state-of-the-art training facilities, and ongoing support for all your goals whether you are a fitness swimmer, multisport athlete, or a competitive swimmer.


iSWIM is a Masters Swim Club in the Greater Lafayette, IN area. The goal is to provide a team atmosphere, where anyone and everyone can join, no matter the skill level. Never swum before? That is OK! We welcome everyone. Whether you want to learn how to swim, or compete in a competition (swimming, triathlon, swim-a-thon, whatever it may be!), or just leisurely swim to stay in good shape…we welcome ALL!

General Information
iSWIM will offer various practice times throughout the day. iSWIM intends to offer swim workouts at the Purdue Boilermaker Aquatic Center, and at Harrison High School. Additional pool space is in the works. We will aim to offer numerous workout times and locations, in order to incorporate everyone’s busy schedules.
Your iSWIM membership provides:

  • Multiple locations throughout the Greater Lafayette area offering several work options each week.
  • Highly qualified coaches providing one-on-one instruction and guidance at every workout.
  • Specialized Clinics, including underwater analysis, using cutting-edge equipment.
  • Diverse workouts accommodating your goals and skill levels.
  • Team socials, travel, and various non-competitive / competitive activities.
  • Team charity events.

Thank you to our sponsors:

iSWIM Sponsors 2014


  1. I would love a little bit more info on the club. I work a weird schedule so I was wondering if there were set days a week you guys met to practice or if it changed depending on pool availability. And what the cost is to join?

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